Baba Nagarjun

Baba Nagarjun

Baba Nagarjun
Baba Nagarjun

Nagarjun (Baba Nagarjun, Vaidya Nath Mishra, Yatri) (June 30, 1911 – November 5, 1998) was a major Hindi and Maithili poet who has also penned a number of novels, short stories, literary biographies and travelogues, and was known as Janakavi- the People’s Poet.

Baba Nagarjun was born as Vaidya Nath Mishra, in 1911, into a Maithil Brahmin family in a small village of Satlakha in Madhubani District of Bihar, India, which was his mother’s village, his original village is Tarauni in Darbhanga district, Bihar. He later converted to Buddhism and got the name Nagarjun. His mother died when he was only three, and his father being a vagabond himself, couldn’t support him so young Vaidya Nath thrived on the support of his relatives, and the scholarships he won on the account of him being an exceptional student. Soon he became proficient in Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit languages, which he first learnt locally and later at Varanasi and Calcutta, where he was also semi-employed, while pursuing his studies. Meanwhile he married Aparajita Devi and the couple had six children.

Nagarjun was given the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1969 for his historic book Patarheen Nagna Gachh, and the ‘Bharat Bharati Award’ by the Uttar Pradesh government for his literary contributions in 1983. He was also honored by the Sahitya Akademi Fellowship, India’s highest literary award for lifetime achievement, in 1994.

Some of his famous poems are as follows

  • Yugdharao
  • Satrange Pankhon Wali
  • Talab ki Machhliyan
  • Khichri Viplava Dekha Humne
  • Hazar Hazar Bahon Wali
  • Purani Juliyon Ka Coras
  • Tumne Kaha Tha
  • Akhir Aisa Kya Kah Diya Maine
  • Is Gubare Ki Chhaya Mein.
  • Yhe Danturit Muskan
  • Mein Military Ka Boodha Ghoda
  • Ratnagarbha
  • Aise bhi hum kya
  • Bhool jao purane sapne
  • Apne Khet Mein Chandana
  • Fasal

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