Ek Mahel Ho Sapno Ka – a Sony TV Series

Ek Mahel Ho Sapno Ka – a Sony TV Series

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Ek Mahal Ho Sapno Ka was a soap opera television series that aired on Sony TV. The series become the first in India to complete 1000 episodes.

The story was set around a family of Gujarati businessman, Purushottam Nanavati who is the main person of his joint family. Show took up and down with the family. The show was directed by Vipul Shah. Main star cast of the show was as follows.

Ajit Vachhani — Purushottam Nanavati

Dina Pathak – Dadi

Kalpana Diwan — Anusuya Purushottam Nanavati

Sanat Vyas — Sanat Purushottam Nanvati

Zankhana Desai / Meghna Roy — Panna Sanat Nanvati

Rasik Dave — Shekhar Purushottam Nanavati

Ragini Shah / Pallavi Pradhan — Rashmi Shekhar Nanvati

Rajiv Mehta — Sameer Purushottam Nanavati

Apara Mehta — Paro Sameer Nanavati

Manoj Joshi — Abhay Purushottam Nanavati

Vandana Pathak — Sonal Abhay Nanavati

Supriya Pathak / Sejal Shah — Neelu Purushottam Nanavati

Below, the screens of some Snaps of serial episodes and also the Title Track.



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