Hatim – a Star Plus series

Hatim – a Star Plus series

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Hatim was a fantasy TV serial broadcasted on STAR Plus channel in 2003-04. The series was based on the Arab prince Hatim Tai, a pre-Islamic Christian from Yemen who has to solve seven questions to defeat the evil sorcerer lord Dajjal aided by Najumi.

The show was directed Amrit Sagar and Shakti Sagar. In the lead Rahil Azam was the role as Hatim. Some main star cast of the show was as follows.

Pooja Rawal – Jasmine

Nirmal Pandey – Dajjal

Ragvendra Kiku — punk Hobo

Vijay Ganju — Evil Najjomi

Ravi Khanvilkar — Badshah of Yemen

Reshma — Queen of Paristan

Tom Alter — King of Paristan

Below, the screens of some Snaps of serial episodes and also the Title Track.


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