Shriman Shrimati – a Doordarshan Series

Shriman Shrimati – a Doordarshan Series

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Shrimaan Shrimati was a popular sitcom series that first telecasted on Doordarshan. It first aired in 1995 and because of large popularity in public it rerun on several channel.

The story was set around two families; Keshav Kulkarni & his wife Kokila Kulkarni and Prema Shalini & her husband Dilruba Jarnail Singh Khurana. The show was directed by Rajan Waghdhare. Show main star cast was as follows

Jatin Kanakia — Keshav Kulkarni
Reema Lagoo — Kokila Kulkarni
Rakesh Bedi — Dilruba Jarnail Singh Khurana
Archana Puran Singh — Prema Shalini

Below, the screens of some Snaps of serial episodes and also the Title Track.


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