Zabaan Sambhalke – a Doordarshan series

Zabaan Sambhalke – a Doordarshan series

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Zabaan Sambhalke was a Hindi sitcom TV series broadcasted on DD Metro. Show ran in two seasons, first in 1993–1994 with 54 episodes on DD Metro Channel, and second in 1997–1998 with another 52 episodes on Home TV. After the show success it reruns on SAB TV and Bindass channel.

The show was centered on National Institute of Language, a language school which run by Engineer Mohan Bharti and Principal Miss Lata Dixit. The show was directed by Rajiv Mehra. In the lead Pankaj Kapoor was the role as Mohan Bharti and Shobha Khote as Miss Lata Dixit. In other casting some big names were as Tom Alter, Bhavana Balsavar, Rajinder Mehra, Viju Khote.

Below, the screens of some Snaps of serial episodes and also the Title Track.

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